Gruenloh Law

The Gruenloh Law Firm handles each case individually. Unlike many other law firms, we take a limited number of new cases each year so we are able to give each case and client the attention that they deserve. We do what is necessary to ensure that our clients have the best possible outcome.

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  • Our Experience

    In our business, experience matters. We have decades of experience in courtrooms across the country and have won millions of dollars for our clients. We are a small firm with big firm experience and resources. Some of the largest law firms in South Carolina refer cases to us because of our track record and our commitment to our clients.

  • Our Commitment to You

    It is our goal to offer you the best legal representation possible at the most reasonable rate. We place a premium on customer service and promise to do all that we can to ensure that you are well represented and well informed throughout our time together. You’ll find our past clients have been very satisfied with the services we provided.

  • Our Rates

    We handle each client and each case individually. Our hourly rates are extremely competitive and we offer alternatives to traditional legal fee structures that may be easier on your finances. Call or email us now and we’ll schedule you for a free consultation and give you a no-hassle estimate. Remember, we’re here to help and you’re not obligated to move forward with us.