Heartfelt Endorsement

Several years ago, Nathan Lausch came to the Gruenloh Law firm to attempt to collect over six-figures in unpaid wages. After three years of litigation, a broken settlement agreement, and two trial dates,  we were finally able to resolve Nathan’s case and get him the wages that he was owed. Following the resolution, Nathan sent us the following letter:



It has been a long road and “gratitude” does not adequately describe my sentiments.

You, Patrick and Brian demonstrated patience and perseverance, thoroughness and attention to the details of the case, wise counsel, proactive communication which provided me assurance that my matters were being resolved and that I was a priority to you, and above all else I knew that you were dedicated to seeking out justice for me; not simply a paying client.

It was literally years of hard work and patience for all of us.

I appreciate everything that you have done more than you know. Not only did you make is possible to collect on what was owed, but i feel vindicated knowing that the defendants had to finally own up to actions and lack of responsible action. Thank you

I hope I will never need your services ever again, but should I ever find myself in need of a litigator, I know that I would again choose you and your team.

Please feel free to use this heartfelt endorsement.

Many, many thanks

s/ Nathan B. Lausch

Lausch Thank You Letter





About the Author:

Patrick is a partner at the Gruenloh Law. His practice areas include personal injury and criminal defense. In his free time, you can find Patrick sailing around Charleston Harbor or relaxing in his garden.

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