Dram Shop Liablity

In South Carolina, victims injured by drunk drivers may seek compensation from bars, restaurants, or liquor stores that over serve their patrons or serve underage patrons. The Gruenloh Law Firm recently represented a client who was injured in by a drunk driver and we were able to recover OVER HALF A MILLION DOLLARS on her behalf. Here is this client’s story:

Over a year ago, a seventeen-year-old girl purchased vodka at a local liquor store after the liquor store failed to card her. She drove from Mount Pleasant to downtown Charleston, where she drank the vodka and became intoxicated. The girl then drove across the Ravenell Bridge back to Mount Pleasant. At the foot of the Bridge, this underage drunk driver made an illegal turn directly into the path of our client’s vehicle. Our client was forced to turn into oncoming traffic in order to avoid a head-on or t-bone collision which would have likely killed the drunk driver and our client. Our client’s vehicle careened over multiple curbs and traffic dividers and ultimately had its undercarriage completely destroyed. The seventeen-year-old drunk driver fled the scene and was later arrested in a Wendy’s drive-thru for DUI and open container.

Our client suffered serious permanent injuries which worsened over time. We filed suit against the seventeen-year-old drunk driver and the liquor store which illegally provided her with the vodka. The case was settled for full policy limits against the drunk driver and for a confidential six-figure sum against the liquor store.

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