2015 Driver Suspension Eligibility Week

Is your driver’s license suspended? No worries! From March 16th to March 20th, South Carolina is holding DMV Driver Suspension Eligibility Week!

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) is forgiving suspension periods for a certain number of suspended drivers during this year’s Driver Suspension Eligibility Week. Pursuant to S.C. Code § 56-1-296, certain drivers who have had their licenses suspended may be able to reduce or clear the remaining time of their suspension. This program will assist the following types of suspended drivers:

 Drivers under 18 years of age that are suspended for excessive points.

  • Drivers suspended for operating an unlicensed taxi or vehicle.
  • Drivers suspended for operating an uninsured vehicle that they did not own.
  • Drivers suspended for operating or allowing operation of an uninsured vehicle.
  • Drivers suspended for driving under suspension, excluding alcohol or drug related convictions.

 In order to be granted forgiveness, eligible drivers will need to meet all the conditions for reinstatement of their licenses, such as the payment of all fines and obtaining SR-22 Insurance. The only requirement waived will be the time requirement for all qualifying suspensions. Eligible drivers will need to complete an application, which can be found online on the SCDMV website at http://www.scdmvonline.com/DMVNew/forms/dl-601.pdf, and apply in person at any SCDMV location during the week of March 16th.

 If all qualifying suspensions are cleared, the DMV will reinstate the person’s driver’s license. If there are other non-qualifying suspensions remaining that have time left that must be served, the DMV will recalculate the total remaining suspension period.

 All DMV offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. except on Wednesday when all offices are closed for training from 8:30 -9:30 a.m.

 For more information, please see the Driver Suspension Eligibility Week Frequently Asked Questions or contact our office at (843) 577-0027 for a free consultation.


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